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Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus Edwardsii) is wild caught in the cold, stormy and clean waters of the Southern Ocean.

Delivering a sweet, firm and delicate taste experience, the striking red shell, five pair of legs and distinctive horns make the species seem imposing, mysterious and unique.

Most are 8 to 12-years old when caught in Pots dropped onto underwater reefs by local Fishers, with volumes controlled by an annual Quota.

the wilderness the untamed beauty

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A wild, natural and unspoilt place.

WILD ROCK represents the shapes and textures of a place where Southern Rock Lobster live and breed … a wild, natural and unspoilt place. A place that calls us to experience its beauty and uniqueness, a place we visit each time we taste the firm, sweet flesh of WILD ROCK lobster.


Our people love what they do.

“I’m proud of the Southern Rock Lobsters we catch on behalf of our customers” – Marty Von Stanke

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Best Ociana Seafood has developed a world-class processing facility in Mount Gambier, with the capacity to hold 40 metric-tonnes of live Southern Rock Lobster, as well as King Crab.

Just 6-hours’ drive from Melbourne International Airport, Best Ociana Seafood has an enviable reputation for high quality live seafood, with a Mortality (and Weight Loss) rate on arrival, which is below the industry average.

The company has a well-developed network of Beach Buyers, and an established supply chain connecting South Australia, Tasmanian and Victoria. This allows Best Ociana Seafood to deliver live crustacea 12-months / year, to customers located in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Airfreight connections to major Asian cities ensure that customers receive live Southern Rock Lobster or King Crabs no more than 30-hours after leaving the company’s holding tanks in Mount Gambier.

Door-To- Door delivery assures customers that their shipment will arrive, full of vitality and energy. This Port to Plate capability, demonstrates the brand promise and company’s provenance.